Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Outdoor Run

With the long holiday weekend I didn't have access to the corporate fitness center and felt like a run today. Conditions: 89 degrees with 40 percent humidity. Not exactly balmy-like. And my run reflected it.

I didn't want to just completely embarrass myself right out of the chute, and it was getting dark besides, so I just ran my standard 4.3 mile greenbelt loop. I was hoping to break 30 minutes (my PR for this loop is around 33 minutes; I would look it up in my records but I'm too lazy) with my new running speed, but I didn't quite make it. Here are the excuses (!): 1. it was getting dark and running at any speed in the near dark for the last 1.5 miles was tough, 2. it was hot (I had forgotten how hot it got here; my shirt was soaked after only a 30 minute run!, and 3. the greenbelt has lots of small ups and downs that I'm not used to any more.

So there are the excuses, and none really sound good. So I'll just note 4.3 miles, outside finally, in 30:18, or 7:02 a mile. I'll take it, all in all.

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