Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fourth Straight Day

And so I have now entered uncharted territory - four straight days of pretty serious running. Today's run was meant to be a but not too long. It was six miles in 6:47 a mile. And what this does is cast even more doubt on what my target time should be.

I'll be taking some running time off later this month, but have plenty of time to think about target times in the next few weeks. I'll need to have some idea by late September since that is when I will start the structured preparation plan. If I can run a fourth day in 6:47 for six miles, could I dream of a three hour marathon? Seems insane on the surface, but the times are indicating the possibility.

At any event, though, I can back off the training later and shoot for a slower time. I need to remember the injury front associated with speed and that I only need a 3:30 marathon to qualify for Boston. But how cool would a 3:10 qualifier for New York be?

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