Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strong Follow Run

After yesterday's virtual 10K time trial, I was tired heading into today's run. Under most circumstances I probably would have just blown the day off, but I won't be running much for the next couple weeks or, consequently, posting much, either.

My goal today was six miles at 7:03 pace and if I felt okay I would extend out to eight miles. At three miles I knew eight was a joke and just hoping to hang on to six. I managed to hold on with a final time of 7:05 a mile, which met the goal pace with the treadmill start-up time and the treadmill having a habit of slightly adding distance on each mile accounting for the discrepancy.

While I was really tired on finishing, the run was a really strong outing considering the day before.

Getting closer to both the Houston Marathon and entering into my structured training program.

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